Hello Friend and welcome to our site!

I just thought you should probably know, Jenifer and I are not your typical accountants.

For one thing, we promise to do our best to make the complex issues of payroll and accounting simple. Novel concept, huh?

We also promise not to make you feel stupid for asking questions or for having an “accounting mess” to clean up.

We wear jeans and comfy shoes in our office because we hate ties and tight dress shoes that make us uncomfortable, just like you hate accountants that make you uncomfortable.

We know that accounting is weird and illogical and we don’t pretend otherwise. We just make it our business to know all the bizarre tax and accounting rules and how you can make them work for your small business.

We hope that you find our site helpful, and if you need our services or want any additional information, just send us an email or drop us a line.

Happy reading, and we’ll talk to you soon,