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Where we came from

When I started this business in 2002, Chris and I were fresh out of college. I had just finished my first season of tax preparation and I decided that I wanted to follow in my parents footsteps and start my own tax preparation business.

I began from scratch, marketing my services to students at the local college campus and slowly grew my practice through referrals and direct mail advertising.

In year two, I added bookkeeping service and the business got too big for me to handle alone. So, Chris decided to join me and help me continue to grow the practice.

Who we are now

That was over a decade ago, and today Chris and I are privileged to serve hundreds of small business and individual clients all over California and the United States.

Why we exist

Since the beginning, our mission has been to provide simple, affordable, high-quality solutions for our clients’ bookkeeping and tax preparation needs.

Simplifying our clients finances and maximizing their savings continues to be our primary focus.

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Jenifer Klaus, EA