“Klaus Financial has kept me organized and saved me a lot of money. Their staff is very friendly and all my questions and concerns were addressed promptly. They handle all my accounting and I would definitely recommend Klaus Financial to anyone who needs tax preparation, payroll service, or bookkeeping service.”

Poge Her, DDS – U Smile Family Dentistry
Sacramento, CA

“I like Klaus Financial because all of their services are very proactive. They are more ahead of the game than I am!”

Kevin Lumley – The Hawaiian Gardener
Roseville, CA

“Jenifer found us money we didn’t know we had! Our monthly income is now higher because she took the time to show us where we could reduce our tax withholding, something she offered that we didn’t think to ask about. Jenifer is very knowledgeable and informative and we always feel like she really cares about us and our tax situation. We highly recommend her!”

Sebastian & Eva Salazar
Citrus Heights, CA

“A couple years back, my wife and I had financial questions relating to a home that we were selling. So we called Klaus Financial. They didn’t give us a simple, terse answer over the phone and then send us on our way. They actually went the extra mile to make sure that we understood exactly how to resolve the issue. Jenifer has saved us hundreds of dollars on our taxes and always puts the best interests of her client’s first. She never pressures us into buying additional services that we don’t need and we always feel a friendly, personal touch in her service.  We’ve always been impressed with the extra effort that Jenifer has given us as part of the tax preparation. She provides the best, most thorough tax checklist that we’ve ever seen and it has saved us a ton of time that could have been wasted on needless correspondence. Klaus financial is where we go now for any financial needs we have, and we highly recommend the high level of service they provide!”

Chris & Carolina Medeiros
Antelope, CA

“Before working with Klaus Financial, my company had very poor
bookkeeping records. I was very disorganized. Klaus Financial takes
care of all the tedious and time consuming data entry for me, and they
save me all the time and headache of doing it myself. Thanks for
getting the job done!”

Guau Phang – Capital City Distribution, LLC
Sacramento, CA

“I was at a point where I needed payroll and I was struggling with finding the time to learn a new payroll program and trusting that what I did was correct. After all, I didn’t want to mess with the IRS! I found Klaus Financial just a few days before I needed my first payroll, but they were able to get me setup and running quickly and pay my employees on time! Their service is really quick and easy to use, I can simply call with a question or information and know that it will be taken care of. I like the structure and organization I see at Klaus Financial, and I recommend them to any business owners who don’t have time to deal with payroll because they need to focus on other parts of their business.”

Darlene Davis – HOPE Counseling
Roseville, CA

“It’s great to feel secure and confident that my taxes are prepared correctly. That’s exactly what I get from Jenifer. Bottom line: Jenifer did my taxes. I didn’t have to. It was awesome! Thanks for the great service!”

Jessica Chapman – Room to Breathe
Sacramento, CA

“You saved me hours of time and hundreds of dollars by preparing my taxes! I really appreciate the prompt and efficient service you provide, and I love not having to worry about the taxes being completed correctly and on time. You folks cross all the “T”s and dot all the “I”s. Thanks!”

Bernard J. Lemke
Hidden Valley Lake, CA

“I so want to make sure we keep our records in check, and it makes me feel good to have you guys do a review of our bookkeeping, just to make sure everything is perfect. You came very highly recommended and I can trust that you do a good job, which makes me sleep better at night! Thank you for always being helpful and polite, even when I ask goofy or silly questions. It’s really nice to deal with someone who is pleasant!”

Leann Thompson – Closet Factory, Inc.
Folsom, CA

“After I found out my previous tax preparer was no longer available, I needed to find a new preparer. Klaus Financial came with excellent recommendations and have met my needs very well.They’ve saved me a great deal of time and stress and I really appreciate how quick the service is. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable their service was and even more pleased to find out that tax preparation doesn’t have to be like a trip to the dentist! I definitely recommend Klaus Financial to anyone!”

Carol Monroe
Orangevale, CA

“Jenifer is efficient, friendly, and creates an enjoyable environment. I can’t even think of a way she could be better!”

Mark Bussey
Fair Oaks, CA

“When I first faced the decision to hire household employees, I was really worried about trying to deal with the payroll requirements, but I didn’t want to pay the extra money to use a staffing service anymore.  If I hired the employees myself, I wanted to be sure that I properly withheld and paid payroll taxes, met payroll rules, and could report all payroll expenses.  Since I used to prepare the payroll for my restaurants in the past, I knew how much time and effort is required, and I knew I did not have time to keep current with the rules and responsibilities for payroll. My cousin recommended that I call Klaus Financial for my payroll needs, and I am so happy she did!  They have been friendly, responsive, accurate, and timely with every payroll.  By having Klaus Financial prepare the payroll and hiring the household employees myself rather than using a staffing service, I am saving thousands of dollars each month!”

Kathy Gager
Sacramento, CA

“Thank you so much.  I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support you and your staff provide!”

Barbara Webster – Lincoln Rifle Club
Lincoln, CA