Is Your Tax Preparer a STUD or a DUD?

Arrggh! Taxes!

If you’re like most folks, you hate it when tax time rolls around.

You don’t like the uncertainty of wondering whether or not you’ll owe money.

You don’t like the confusion that comes with the constant changes to the tax law.

And you probably don’t even like your tax preparer.

If you don’t, don’t feel bad.

Most tax preparers have all the personality of a vacuum cleaner and many of them don’t have as high an I.Q.

If you think I’m joking then consider this: tax preparation is a SEASONAL job for most preparers!

That’s right! They only prepare taxes during tax season and the rest of the year they do something totally different, like work for a travel agency, or flip hamburgers.

Is it any wonder that there are so many mistakes made on tax returns?

If I only prepared a few tax returns each year and then never thought about taxes again until the following year, I wouldn’t be any good at tax preparation either.

Fortunately for my clients, I eat, sleep, and breathe taxes all year long. As an EA I have to in order to fulfill the required education to maintain my license.

All my education is specifically required to be on taxes or tax law. Whereas many prepares can get education on accounting or some other area and have it qualify for their continuing education, EAs are under stricter rules.

If your ready to have your taxes prepared by a full-time income tax expert, give me a call today.

Jenifer Klaus, EA